Ripasso Superiore alla Valpolicella DOC


Tenuta Vignega has characteristics of pride, tenacity, freedom that unites a father to his daughter. This is the spirit of the Estate, with wines that have bright colors, elegance in aromas, moderate alcohol content, and high drinkability.


Additional information


Calcareous, shallow with presence of skeleton.


Pergola Veronese and Guyot with exposure: north / east -sud


Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella




The late harvested grapes are crushed and cold macerated for five days with spontaneous fermentation. After racking, the wine is stored in a steel tank until it is overcooked with Amarone pomace of the same vintage. This operation starts at the end of January, where the wine stops in Amarone wine for a week. It is then aged in Slavonian oak barrels and in French oak barrels.

Sensory Analysis

The color is bright red. The bouquet is intense with ripe cherries, blackberry with a hint of chocolate and vanilla. The taste is pleasant, with a note of juicy cherry and thin tannins for a long finish and very persistent.


Medium-bodied wine is accompanied by savory first courses, boiled meats, red meats and aged cheeses such as the mezzano veronese mountain.


14-16 °C


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