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What are the Fundamental Principles?

The main objectives of Organic Agriculture as defined by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture (IFOAM) are:

  • The transformation of farms into a self-sufficient agricultural system by drawing on local resources (eco-sustainable agriculture), for example fertilization with green manure or soil plowing practices
  • Safeguarding the natural fertility of the land
  • Avoid all forms of pollution caused by agricultural techniques
  • Produce high quality nutritive elements in sufficient quantities

Eco-label: Disposal of pachaging/differentiated waste collection

The primary packaging consists of:

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    GL71 green and white glass bottles should be disposed of in Glass Collection
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    FOR 51 cork stopper in the Organics
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    LDPE agglomerate cap 4 in Plastic Collection
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    Shrinkable PVC capsule C/PVC90 in Plastic Collection

The secondary packaging consists of:

Paper board and beehive PAP 20/21 in Paper Waste Collection

Labels on bottles are not subject to separate disposal

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What is Organic Viticulture?

Cultivating the vines using organic methods means following the community regulations on organic farming, mainly reg. 2092/91.

Chemical synthesis products are not used in defense, but only products of organic origin. To prevent fungal attacks of powdery mildew, sulfur is used and copper is used to prevent downy mildew. At each administration, copper accumulates easily in the soil.

Its presence in the ground creates problems of toxicity for the plants, considerably reduces the biological activity of the soil (therefore the natural contribution of mineral elements to the soil) and is particularly harmful to earthworms (structure improvers). It is also toxic for useful insects (coccinellidae, hymenoptera except bees, crisope). For these reasons, the current legislation limits its use to 6 kg / hectare per year.

In the company, however, there are numerous tests to reduce the quantities of copper well below the limits of the law and therefore we are using BACTERIALS ANTAGONISTS TO THE PERONOSA and we are also testing other alternative products of natural origin based on citrus, which in addition to having a fungal and bacteriostatic action are excellent antioxidants and have an invigorating action on the foliar apparatus.

The defense against harmful insects is done with pyrethrum and bacillus thuringiensis

Certified Warranty?

For Cristiana it is not a matter of following a constantly growing trend or market trend, but of guaranteeing to consumers that their product is produced respecting the environment and favoring natural biodiversity, excluding the use of chemical synthesis products (fertilizers). , herbicides, insecticides) and genetically modified organisms.

The guarantee is guaranteed by the certification of compliance with community regulations and national laws on organic farming. BIOS (BIOS srl – Marostica – VI – Italy), external control body authorized by Mipaaf , certifies compliance with the rules by the company with continuous checks throughout the supply chain.

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