Bettili family, original from the town of Soave, are winegrowers since the early decades of the twentieth century, in addition to being winemakers and winetraders. In 1965 Siro, the father of Cristiana, leaves the vineyards of the family of origin to buy a farm in the hinterland of Garda lake, in Cavaion. Here he starts the breeding of chickens and the production of eggs. This land, however, is suited to the cultivation of the vine and Siro decides to continue the family tradition and he cultivates the fourty-years vineyard, existing in his estate.

In 1999 Cristiana enters in the company , so that breeding and vineyard are converted into organic. Between 2002 and 2005 the vineyard is renovated with modern way of training Guyot. Tenuta Sorsei is now 3 hectareas extended. Tenuta Vignega takes its name from an acient location, Sorsei, where there was a well where everyone drew, sipped. The wells, as the stone walls, are widespread in the town of Cavaion, pretty little town in the hinterland of Lake Garda. The logo, in fact, recalls the lake, the Bardolino wine and the grape is the enchanted oasis among the flowers that mother Maria Luigia cares with love. It is the freshness of this glimpse of life that you will find in its organic wines.


We are in the classic area of Bardolino denomination (d.o.c), the oldest production area formed by the communities near to the south eastern shore of Lake Garda, which includes the towns of Bardolino, Garda, Lasize, Costermano, Affi e Cavaion. This is an area of pleasant hills of glacial moraine with gravelly and light soils. Here the microclimate is favorable for the cultivation of the vine: the proximity to the lake makes the climate milder and less humid than the neighboring plains. The vineyard of Tenuta Vignega has an east/east exposure and it is at 140 mt above the sea level. It is cultivated with the organic farming method certified by BIOS since 1999. The wines of Tenuta Sorsei have very delicate colors with a few antocyanins (due to the use of Molinara in the blend), primary aromas: floral, fruity, mineral, easy to drink and mineral at taste, low alcohol level and easy to match with food.