Tenuta Plozner was bought by Cristiana in 2013 and, following her philosophy, she converts the vineyard to organic farming. It is a big challenge for Cristiana because she decides to explore a territory very different from her hills near Verona. Nevertheless this area is as much fascinating and suited for the cultivation of the vine: the GRAVE FRIULANE. The challenge is great: 43 ha of vines to handle away from home. The winery , created in the sixties by Lisio Plozner, was already well-known in this area and abroad.


Nowadays Plozner estate has 43 ha of vines. The varieties of grape are the typical of the territory: Friulano, Sauvignon (with various clonal selections), Pinot Grigio, Pinot Bianco, Merlot, Moscato giallo. Recently, after the purchase of Plozner estate by Cristiana, it has been increased the area planted with vineyards focusing on Glera, the grape of Prosecco. Here we are in the area of the denomination Prosecco and the sparkling process is made directly in the cellar. The vineyard is very dense: 6000 plants per ha and the way of training is “Guyot”.

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Cri barrique PL
Cri bottaia PL
trattore PL
primavera PL
Pinot Grigio vineyard
PL entrata
col. grappolo
2007-09-16 09.33.10
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Cri bottaia PL
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