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A Bio Choice

Why Organic?

At the end of the Nineties, Cristiana definitively entered the family business, alongside her father Siro. She is increasingly aware of the fact that we can not talk about the quality of life without thinking about the environment and the entrepreneurial choices that affect the environment. This inner journey leads to the decision to CONVERT THE ENTIRELY THE COMPANY TO THE BIOLOGICAL CULTIVATION METHOD.

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Tenuta Plozner


Tenuta Plozner is purchased by Cristiana in 2013 and, in keeping with its corporate philosophy, it converts the vineyards to organic farming. This is a major challenge for Cristiana, as she decides to venture into a territory completely different from its Veronese hills, but equally fascinating and suitable for the cultivation of vines: Le Grave Friulane. The purchase is challenging and the bet is great: 43 hectares completely planted to be managed far from home. The company, created in the sixties by Lisio Plozner, is already established in the territory and across the border.

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Tenuta Vignega

In 1977 Siro bought this beautiful Estate with eight hectares of old vines, where he implemented his now started activities in poultry farming. Historically Tenuta Vignega  (Vignega is the name of the place where it is located) belonged to the noble family of the Counts Serego Alighieri, direct descendants of Dante, and these vineyards were the southern offshoots of their surrounding land strong> VILLA SEREGO ALIGHIERI in Sant’Ambrogio. Later this farm is bought by the Bolla family of ancient wine-making traditions. At the end of the nineties also Tenuta Vignega undergoes the change in business management starting with the method of organic farming. In 2002 the process of renewal of the old vineyards began, with more densely planted vines and Guyot rearing.

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Tenuta Sorsei

The Bettili family, originally from Soave, has been cultivating the vine since the early decades of the twentieth century, devoting itself also to the vinification of its own grapes and to the wine trade. In 1965 Siro, Cristiana’s father, left the vineyards of his family of origin to buy a farm in the Garda hinterland, in Cavaion, where he devoted himself mainly to the breeding of chickens and the production of eggs for consumption. The territory, however, is suited to viticulture and in the company we continue the family tradition, cultivating pre-existing vines of over forty years. In 1999, with the definitive entry of Cristiana into the company, the breeding and the vineyards are converted to the organic farming method. Between 2002 and 2005 the vineyard is renewed with the modern Guyot breeding techniques. The extension of the Tenuta Sorsei vineyard is currently 3 hectares.

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