Who is Cristiana Bettili Wines?

Cristiana is an entrepreneur determined to achieve her main objective: to produce quality wines that respect the environment. His commitment has led her to marry the ‘bio method’ in the historic family estates and recently acquired land … The range of wines coming from her estates is very wide: from the fragrant white wines of Friuli, to the fresh bardolino and the austere Valpolicella. Different territories but common denominator: guaranteed and certified organic quality.

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And his story?

  • 1900
    Since the early twentieth century, on the hills of Verona, our family has been cultivating vineyards, vinifying and marketing
  • 1965
    Siro Bettili buys Tenuta Sorsei
  • 1977
    Year of purchase of the Vignega Estate
  • 1999
    The company decides to convert its identity to Organic.
  • 2002 - 2005
    Renewal of the vineyards
  • 2005
    Opening of the winery in Pescantina
  • 2013
    Purchase of the Plozner Estate
  • 2019
    V.I.V.A. Environment Certification
  • 2020
    Purchase of the Poggio Marchino Toscana Estate