Passatempo Spumante Brut


Organic conversion since 2013

Tenuta Plozner is located in Barbeano di Spilimbergo, in the heart of the Doc Grave. Alluvial gravel soils and the mild climate give the Plozner wines unique characteristics: they are minerals, fresh, with clean aromas.




Spilimbergo Friuli “Grave” – ITALY lat.: 46,083 NORD -long.: 12,8229 EST -alt.: 140m slm
Tenuta Plozner dell’ Azienda Agricola Bettili Cristiana
Organic conversion since 2013

Additional information


Gravel alluvial origin

Grapevine Variety

Pinot Bianco 70% Glera 30%


Moscato 80% yellow, Istrian malvasia 15% 5% sauvignon


Mechanical harvesting and pressing within 20 minutes of the harvest

Method of Sparkling

After the white vinification of the base, the sparkling is made with the Charmat Method in pressurised tanks, where the wine stays “sur lie” for fwe months before racking and bottling.

Sensorial features

Elegant perlage, the bubbles are fine and persistent. The bouquet is typical of the variety with clear hints of green apple, white flowers and citrus hints. The palate is soft, essential and easy to drink for its acidity

Serving suggestions

Ideal as an aperitif and with sea food disse. Try it with tempura shrimps.

Serving Temperature

6-8 °C


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