Recioto della Valpolicella DOC


Tenuta Vignega has characteristics of pride, tenacity, freedom that unites a father to his daughter. This is the spirit of the Estate, with wines that have bright colors, elegance in aromas, moderate alcohol content, and high drinkability.



Additional information


Calcareous, shallow with presence of skeleton.


Pergola Veronese and Guyot with exposure: north / east -sud


50% Corvina,20% Corvinone, 15% Rondinella, 15% other red grapes


Manual harvest in boxes of 5 kg


Appassimento in the fruit tree for about 5 months. Vinified according to the ancient tradition, letting it macerate cold with the marc in the must until the beginning of the alcoholic fermentation that takes place at the beginning of spring when the must reaches 12-13 ° C. Fermentation continues even after racking for a few months. After racking in steel.

Sensory Analysis

Compact ruby. Intense aromas of plum jam, wild berries and withered violets. Advanced notes of dried fruit, cocoa and tobacco. The taste is enveloping with an elegant sweet sensation balanced by a pleasant flavor.


Pasticceria secca, formaggi erborinati o da gustare da solo nei momenti felici


14-16 °C


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